Our American Values

Gina is a teacher, a suburban mother, and a political outsider.

Gina will judge every piece of legislation through two lenses: Constitutionality and what’s best for our families.

As the wife of a retired Marine officer, Gina understands that the purpose of government is to secure the rights of its citizens. Gina will be a tireless proponent of Virginians’ rights as outlined in our constitution.

As a mother of five, Gina knows that prosperous and robust societies are built upon strong and stable families. Gina recognizes the value of Virginia’s families and honors the rights of parents.

As a career educator, Gina understands that parents have the right to guide the education of their children, that all students deserve school choice, and that we must keep politicized indoctrination out of our schools. Our schools must remain open for the academic, social, and mental well being of our children; I will stand up to the teachers’ unions when they threaten shutdowns.