Gina Ciarcia, a former teacher running for Congress in Virginia, called The Walt Disney Company’s opposition to a Florida parental rights bill “appalling” and warned of the psychological damage that teachers can do to young children by teaching them about sexuality too early.

Disney has taken a firm stance against the parental rights law H.B. 1557, which critics have branded the “Don’t Say Gay” law, even though the law does not ban the word “gay.” Rather, the law prohibits classroom instruction – not casual discussion – on “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” with children in third grade or younger, “or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

“It’s appalling to see Disney so adamantly protesting the Parental Rights in Education bill,” Ciarcia, a mother of five children who led a home-school co-op and who taught history, logic, literature, Latin, and writing at two private schools, told Fox News Digital on Friday. “As a mother of five and a career teacher, I also find it extremely unnerving that a company responsible for creating so much of what our children watch would push against legislation to prevent content we know is harmful from reaching our children.”

“This bizarre insistence of the left to push sexuality-focused teaching and even, in the worst instances, pornographic material, to our K-3 students is not only disturbing and appalling, but will be truly psychologically and developmentally detrimental to our children,” Ciarcia warned.

Parents in Virginia and other states have sounded the alarm about books they call obscene and pedophilic, but which librarians and LGBTQ activists defend as essential for diversity. “Lawn Boy” by Jonathan Evison, for instance, includes long sections of a boy reminiscing about explicit experiences he had at 10 years old and “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” by Maia Kobabe includes photos of sexual acts between a boy and a man.

“Young children are not emotionally prepared to grapple with these subjects, nor are they naturally inclined to want to,” the former teacher said.

She framed the left’s positions on such issues as a war on childhood innocence.

“All of this is really just the next stage in the left’s continual push to undo our entire understanding of childhood for the sake of political agendas,” Ciarcia said. “We’ve seen this for years, for instance in their push to emasculate our boys. Boys long to have something to fight for and defend, but are now told that this instinct is toxic. There are still dragons to slay, and we fail to communicate that to our boys.”

She also lamented that many cultural elites have “traded fairytales and imaginative stories for thinly-veiled propaganda books. This deprives children of the raw material necessary for creativity, and replaces it with talking points that often run counter to the values their parents are raising them to believe in.”